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Walk with me down Mimmers Lane into the low light and spend a few days in the Green with the human and not-so-human residents of Lower Leigh as its dark past is clawed from the ground. Meet the neighbours of Lower Leigh - the well-meaning, the curious and the devious, as they struggle with deranged Mims to uncover the truth, all while going about their humdrum daily business and continuing with their petty battles and secret yearnings as ordinary northern folk do, under the watchful eye of Owl and a bright crescent moon. Low Light is an ongoing narrated audio drama set in a northern English town. It has a dark edge and a sense of humour. One cold February evening, a Storyteller dies suddenly, bringing Officer Ruby Hussain into the lives of the locals as she sets out to track down the killer but soon realises there’s more to the place and the people of Lower Leigh than first meets the eye. Recommended to listen in episode order. Written, narrated and produced by Melanie Crawley for Crawley Voice Studio.

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Episode 11. The Old Dark Track

Wednesday Nov 23, 2022

Wednesday Nov 23, 2022

With Piggy pegged, the neighbour comrades discuss a plan to get the Mims back under control. Eric doesn't want to play but when Ruby gets involved they learn much more about what might be going on. Meanwhile there's an outbreak of misery in the area and several neighbours find themselves at the mercy of the Mims and their bizarre activity. With only 24 hours to go until the Mims really let loose, will the neighbours work out what on earth is going on?

Saturday Feb 18, 2023

The apprentices begin to explore their talents after Elle vanquishes the vermin. Ruby witnesses the magic, or is it all trickery? She's determined to find out. Eric is put under pressure to reveal more than he wants he hiding something? The wind blows us through Lower Leigh as the neighbours battle with their consciences and their memories. So much for the curfew, those streets aren't as quiet as you'd think...

Friday Mar 03, 2023

The wind is relentless, storming about outside the houses in Lower Leigh. The neighbours are still up as the night ticks by, murmuring away into the early hours, they put forward their theories to one another, each idea more unlikely than the last. Some hope that the glimmering low light really does hold a magic that will keep them safe in the end, some are determined to cut through to cold reality and find the dark heart of the neighbourhood and its history, obscured as it is by selective memory and hope for a better future. And then, there is the strange man in his big cat car, prowling about. There is regret and the hollow pain of past betrayal. There is new romance. All in all, its a cauldron of a night, swirling and bubbling as we approach Eric's deadline of Mim-mayhem.

Episode 13 The Pit

Friday Jun 02, 2023

Friday Jun 02, 2023

After the chaos of the storm, the neighbours begin to take stock of the damage and discover what 'gifts' have been left for them by the toiling animals and under the pale morning sky, something of Charity's past is revealed while Elle makes a start on setting things right. She'd better hurry up, the meeting is tonight and people want answers...

Episode 14 The Source Part 1

Friday Jun 16, 2023

Friday Jun 16, 2023

The meeting. Humans and Mims alike assemble. The transfer. Lance's big moment arrives. As the community hopes for some peace and some among them hunt for answers, the hidden truth beneath their feet begins to show itself. And the Man in the car is back.
Penultimate episode of this series.

Friday Jun 23, 2023

**This episode includes content that some may find triggering - scroll down for details**
In the final episode of this first series, the neighbours emerge from the theatre to face the Mims. Its a test for the apprentices who must take control of the situation before anyone else gets hurt.
Ruby and Gavin each make separate discoveries that help explain what's been going on. What will they or, rather, can they do about it though? 
This episode includes content that some listeners may find distressing: references to suicide and child abuse.


Low Light 

An ongoing narrated audio-drama with a dark edge and a sense of humour, set in a northern English town, under the moon and the watchful eye of the owl.

A Storyteller dies, leaving their old tales to menace the parish (as was) of Lower Leigh unless the neighbours can sort themselves out and come up with a plan.

A bit like an audio-book soap.

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Written, narrated and produced by Melanie Crawley for Crawley Voice Studio.

Copyright Melanie Crawley 2022 All rights reserved.

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